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Bright Lights

Portland’s Future

Get to know Portland’s new boss (or at least the wannabes) in videos of editor in chief Randy Gragg’s one-on-one interviews with mayoral candidates Charlie Hales, Eileen Brady, and Jefferson Smith at Portland Monthly’s series Bright Ligh



Apple Season Indeed

RIP design guru Steve Jobs, not your average computer type.

10/07/2011 By Kristin Belz

Now Read This


A Salem author seeks closure—or the best he can get.

09/21/2011 By Martin Patail


Five Questions For… Deborah Reed/Audrey Braun

Local writer splits herself in two.

09/21/2011 By Heather Strang


There is A Certain Kind of Woman

The winner of this year’s Wordstock short-fiction contest paints an unsentimental portrait of love, loss, and the power of family.

09/21/2011 By Monona Wali

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Portland Zine Reader’s Guide

Just in time for Zine Symposium, Floating World Comics owner Jason Leivian shares a few favorite titles.

08/06/2011 By Anne Adams

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Poetry in Place

Forget the workaday functionality of ordinary maps; in this book, author Denis Wood redraws and redefines his neighborhood based on everything from radio wav...

06/27/2011 By Amara Holstein


Handcrafted Images and Words on Modernism

This book is eye candy for anyone who loves modern domesticity. Leslie Williamson captures the intimate interiors of well-known designers in her book: Handcr...

06/14/2011 By Teri Gelber


Five Questions For… Vanessa Veselka

Vanessa Vaselka creates a dystopian version of Portland, that's not really Portland.

05/20/2011 By Zach Dundas

Out and About

Nikki McClure Book Signing

Come meet renown PNW artist Nikki McClure and buy her most recent book, To Market, To Market at a book signing event on May 14.

05/10/2011 By Amara Holstein

Out & About

Super Natural Girls Sign Books

Two Favorite Cookbook Authors join forces Friday night for a signing at The Cleaners, Ace Hotel

04/28/2011 By Teri Gelber


Home Stills book

Home Stills by Bastienne Schmidt is a beautiful photographic look at suburban solitude well worth a place on any bookshelf.

04/01/2011 By Amara Holstein

Now Read This

Recovery Road

From author Blake Nelson, Recovery Road takes us on a journey through the life of a 16-year-old girl who struggles to remove herself from her past life's experiences with drugs and alcohol.

02/16/2011 By Anne Adams


30 Seconds With… Chelsea Cain

An interview with author Chelsea Cain. She tells us about her quirky serial killer mystery novels and her choice of murder weapons.



The Destroyer

An interview with best-selling science fiction author S.M. Stirling, who has envisioned a post-apocalyptic Oregon in his Emberverse series. _Tears of the Sun_ will be published in September 2011.

01/19/2011 By Martin Patail


30 seconds with… Richard Settersten

The coauthor of _Not Quite Adults_, comes to the aid of twentysomething late-bloomers.

12/22/2010 By Zach Dundas

tune in: television

Tune In: The Speakeasy

New OPB arts & culture show features some names we recognize.

12/18/2010 By Anne Adams


November Bright Lights


Portland Monthly Book Exerpt


In his new autobiography, _Cache: Creating Natural Economies_, Spencer Beebe offers a tell-all look at his successes, failures, and the larger, often rut-ridden forks in the road between.

11/18/2010 By Spencer Beebe

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5 Questions for Viva Las Vegas

The stripper/author exposes her passions, motivations—and "Lutheran ethnicity."

11/03/2010 By Anne Adams