Top Chef Recap: Episode 2

In a battle of personalities, another win for Gourdet; good show from Adams.

By Benjamin Tepler October 23, 2014

Each week we bring you a recap of Top Chef: Boston, where our hometown heroes, Gregory Gourdet and Doug Adams, are facing off against 14 other challengers from around the country. (Click here for a quick primer)

In a play on Paul Revere’s ride (because everything this season is Boston-themed), each chef is charged with creating the ultimate surf and turf dish. Guest celebrity chef Todd English joins Padma Lakshmi at the Judges' Table.

Gourdet makes grilled lamb chops. English likes the acidity; picky Lakshmi thinks it’s too salty. No screen time for Adams, but he’s safe.

The elimination challenge: cook dinner for Boston’s finest. The challenging part: each team of three has to make one cohesive dish. Predictably, it’s a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation.  Swear words are used. Repugnant personalities are revealed and embellished. All the while, Gourdet and Adams are killing it, silently. 

As part of the Blue Team, Gourdet makes a filet mignon with seared scallops and marcona almond vinaigrette (more surf n’ turf). On the Gray Team, Adams serves up grilled pork chop with grilled stone fruit, morels and walnuts. Everyone likes it. Especially Gail Simmons, who has a huge crush on him.

In the end, Gourdet and the Blue Team take home the win. That’s two for two, Portland.

Tune in next week for our continuing coverage.

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