Oso’s Adventure Brunch

On the first weekend of every month, the Southeast wine shop transforms into an international brunch destination.

By Benjamin Tepler February 10, 2015

Pierogi with cheese, caramelized onions, and dill-cucumber sour cream.

Oso Market, the gem of a specialty-wine market on Southeast Grand Avenue, has a secret brunch menu. On the first full weekend of every month, they offer an “Adventure Brunch”— a special themed breakfast that rotates from country to country. Over the course of a year, Oso’s adventures have stretched from Korea to Canada. Right now, it’s one of the best brunches in Portland, with bold flavors, attention to authenticity, and an eye for comfort.

Paczki—the Polish equivalent of a sticky bun, with raspberry jam.

We stopped in for a taste, where chef Jason Buss was exploring the cuisine of Poland. Zurek soup, an Easter specialty made with sour fermented rye flour, pops with a tangy caraway edge, and thick slices of snappy, garlicky kielbasa. Next, hard-shelled rounds of paczki—the Polish equivalent of a sticky bun—come with a glazed exterior, yeasty chew, and fresh raspberry jam. The piece de resistance: a pair of thick-skinned pierogi, each as big as an omelet, holding fluffy cheese, caramelized onions, and anointed with a healthy spoonful of dill and cucumber-flecked sour cream. Oso could give their zakuski-loving neighbors at Kachka a serious run for their money.

“In most kitchens, you are doing the same food over and over again. It gives our chefs the chance to spread their wings and stay creative, instead of getting stuck in a rut,” explains co-owner Colin Howard. Up next, Thai brunch (March 7 and 8). If it’s anywhere near as good as Oso’s take on Poland, we’ll be the first in line.   

Oso Market
Adventure Brunch: the first weekend of every month
11 am - 3 pm

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