Where to Eat This Week

From garlic and miso-steeped ramen noodles at Mirakutei to ooey-gooey cardamom French toast at the Big Egg, these are the places you must visit this week.

By Eat Beat Team November 11, 2015

  • Laurettajeans pnyuwa

    Impeccable biscuits at Lauretta Jean's. Photo courtesy Lauretta Jean's. 

    Get a soul-warming lunch at Lauretta Jean’s Downtown

MUST TRY: The soup-biscuit combo: $6 gets you a hearty soup, like the umami-bomb tomato-bacon bisque, sided by Lauretta Jean’s golden, buttered, accordion biscuits. For extreme comfort, get a warm, custardy slice of Brussels sprout and cheddar quiche, browned in flakey, crackling crust.

  • Join the other barnacles at La Moule, St. Jack’s new house of steamed mussels, Belgian beer, and great cocktails.

MUST TRY: Smoked, meaty, Green Lip mussels from New Zealand, covered in a thick puree of leek and potatoes. Pair with the sweet, boozy Diablo: tequila, cassis, lime, and ginger served over crushed ice. 

  • Mirakutei yfdizc

    Genki ramen at Mirakutei (right)

    Slurp ramen at Mirakutei, East Burnside’s oft-overlooked sushi and noodle den.

MUST TRY: The Genki ramen, a bowl of white miso-steeped pork broth, with eggs scrambled in heavenly matrimony with char sui pork and garlic and topped with scorching flecks of Thai chile. Keep sippin’—flavors intensify as you get closer to the bottom!

MUST TRY: It’s still two weeks away, but Little T is already rolling out their soft, butter-baked rounds. Either flavor—potato & caramelized onion or hearty kamut, flint corn, rosemary and raisin—is pretty much guaranteed to hit the Parker House sweet spot.   

  • Claim a window seat at teeny NE Alberta cafe the Big Egg and brace yourself for breakfast sandwich ecstasy.

MUST TRY: The craggy, panko-crusted, cardamom-perfumed French Toast Sandwich, oozing with gorgonzola dolce, over-medium egg, and spiced maple syrup.

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