Where to Eat This Week

From poke bowls at World Foods to fried chicken at Dub’s St. Johns, these are the things you must consume immediately.

By Eat Beat Team January 20, 2016

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Poke at World Foods

1. Pig out on poke bowls at World Foods

If you aren’t already wise to the World Foods poke miracle, hear this: there is no better lunch than spicy, sesame-slicked cubes of fresh ahi tuna. The seafood department makes six varieties (avocado to salt ’n’ pepper) of the Hawaiian standby fresh daily, spooned over a bed of rice and seaweed. Eat all of them.


2. Snack on pelmeni at Restaurant Uzbekistan

Morsels of ground beef (or chicken) “hand-swaddled” in dough fill the plate (with just the right amount of sour cream and garlicky carrot salad on the side), Slavic murmurings fill the air, and Baltika beer fills the glass in this classy Rockwood joint in what feels like a former Wendy's.

3. Gorge on a heap of Sunshine Tavern gravy fries

SE Division Street’s guilty pleasure is an easy-to-devour pile of thick, hand-cut fries slicked in herby, black pepper-bombed gravy pocked with nubbins of pork sausage and swathed in elastic bands of provolone.

4. Bring the little ones for fried chicken at Dub's St. Johns

Dub's sits in the west end of the Ranger Tavern, past the pool table, and minors are allowed till 8 pm. Go for hulking thighs or kid-finger-friendly strips, all perfectly cooked, with a traditional choice of sides. The corn bread and waffles are both basically edible butter dishes.

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