Where to Eat This Week

From brisket tacos at Taqueria Nueve to arroz con pollo at Pambiche, these are the things you must eat this week.

By Eat Beat Team April 13, 2016

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Tacos at Taqueria Nueve

1. Fold over brisket tacos at Taqueria Nueve

The suadero taco holds rich, succulent, pan-fried fatty brisket, cut with acidic lime and an oniony bite. The T9 Margarita makes for an excellent, no-frills bedfellow, shaken with El Jimador Blanco, fresh lime, and triple sec.   

2. Get lunch at Bamboo Sushi Downtown

Sample Bamboo’s mid-day bounty at the sustainably-minded local chain’s chic new downtown digs. Its lunch special nets you miso soup, salad, furikake-sprinkled rice, and two bigger bites, great sashimi to tangy kimchi pork belly and salty-good karaage.

3. Wolf down a prime rib Philly at Charlie’s Deli 

Charlie’s Deli in Chinatown swaps out dry, lean top round usually reserved for Philadelphia’s namesake sandwich with a pile of juicy, Alderwood slow-smoked prime rib. The whole thing comes coated in its own gravy and bundled in smoked provolone, smoked garlic mayo and grilled onions on a Pearl Bakery French baguette. 

4. Shovel in arroz con pollo at Pambiche

Tucked away on Pambiche’s laundry list of a menu you’ll find an exemplary chicken and rice. The mound of Spanish saffron rice, studded with Manzanilla olives, green peas, and caramelized fried plantain, is topped with whole pieces of tender Creole chicken. If you’re with a crowd, add some flaky, crisp papa con queso empanadas and a tart, rum-pineapple-lime Cuban Cocktail to the table.

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