Where to Eat This Week

From rotisserie chicken at Arrosto to customizable bubble tea at Townshend’s, these are the things you must eat and drink this week.

By Eat Beat Team April 20, 2016

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Image: Kaie Wellman

1. Devour rotisserie chicken at Arrosto

We thought Portland was a pork town. We were wrong—this town is for the birds. Arrosto, a tiny yellow takeout window in the back of the new Providore Fine Foods Market on NE Sandy, is the latest in a string of rotisserie chicken spots popping up all over the city. Arrosto’s super-juicy “Mediterranean” chicken comes with sticky-good, lemon-rosemary oil-rubbed skin and a fiery orange Calabrian chile sauce built for drizzling. (Providore has plans to bottle the stuff soon.) Definitely get a side order of potatoes: Yukon Golds “rested, basted, rubbed, and massaged” in chicken fat with a crackling shell and plush, creamy interior. Insider tip: Arrosto sells out almost every day before 7:30 p.m. Don’t take any chances.

2. Jump-start the day with Barista’s cortado

The petite espresso-steamed milk drink that overthrew the latte finds full, brain-jolting expression (more milk than a macchiato; less than a cappuccino) at Portland’s growing coffee-coolsters chain. Watch for owner Billy Wilson’s new, tricked-out Barista Brass Bar at Pine Street Market later this month. 

3. Dive into a Good Taste Noodle House Super Bowl

It’s supposed to start raining again and you’re sad. Prepare for the damp with this 82nd Avenue Chinese spot’s epic vat of deeply flavorful wonton soup, packed comically high with crackle-skinned roasted pork, barbecue pork, roasted duck, bok choy, silky-skinned housemade shrimp and pork wontons, and yard after yard of egg noodles. Bring it, rain clouds. 

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4. Suck down a custom iced bubble tea at Townshend’s Tea 

When the sun returns, get thee to Townshend’s Tea for the ultimate warm-weather respite. A multi-tiered menu lets you mix and match flavors, with top-notch leaf blends, fresh-made syrups from honeydew to lychee, and three types of “bubbles”: tapioca pearls, fruit drops, and aloe jellies. Our recommendation? Get the green milk tea with rose and tapioca—you won’t be sorry.

5. Pop open Occidental’s Pilsner in a can

North Portland’s German-style brewery has added a fourth entry to its can lineup with Occidental Pilsner. The new red pint cans appear just in time to top off these fleeting 80-degree days. One sip of this crisp, smooth, easy drinker cools you off better than a run through a sprinkler. Not that we’re biased or anything. (Full disclosure: One of our staffers is married to one of the brewers and the aunt of another.)

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