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Wiz Bang hot fudge sundae

Image: Karen Brooks


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Trifecta Annex meatball pie

Image: Karen Brooks

Spelt Croissant or Spicy Coppa Pizza
Veteran baker Ken Forkish reconsiders the croissant, splendidly, with nutty spelt tones to match regal butter notes; watch for warm, oven-fresh batches throughout the day. From his roster of “New York-y” pizza slices, grab the spicy-sweet coppa salami and hot honey. 


Hot Fudge Hazelnut Sundae, Salted Caramel Stout Float, Chocolate Tacolate
So far, non-cone options star at Salt & Straw’s ambitious soft-serve experiment. The hot fudge sundae gobs together rich Woodblock Chocolate soft serve, fresh angel cake, and hazelnut “Nutella”; the float fizzes with piercing dark caramel beer and sweet cream soft serve, and the hand-dipped “tacolate” redefines the Choco Taco, period.

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Common Law beef tongue banh mi

Image: Karen Brooks


Shiitake-Smoked Tofu Soup and Macha Grasshopper
The obvious go-to at chef Patrick McKee and Earl Ninsom’s micro French-Asian bistro bar? Tender beef tongue banh mi. What you don’t know you want? The complex mushroom dashi bowl—a meat-free sleeper hit best slurped with a lush, tea-intensive Grasshopper.


Half Bird, Chips with Salsa Vermella
In a miniature vision of Spain, Toro Bravo chef John Gorham conjures a tapas bar, wall-size rotisserie, moody lighting, and one very appealing deal: super-juicy chicken and radicchio salad for $10. A side of crackling house potato chips, funked up with Pollo’s hot sauce, is mandatory.


Plain Dog or Hound Dog
The cured-meat masters at Olympia Provisions unleash more than a dozen crazy ideas from the empire’s frankfurter laboratory. But OP’s good, old, meticulous Plain Dog still rules. That said, the Hound Dog’s thick-cut bacon, smoky apple butter, peanut butter, and bananas is more delicious than it has any right to be.

Upcoming: Watch for Portland’s best cold brew at Barista’s Brass Bar, pork tonkatsu ramen at Marukin Ramen and Tasty n Son’s famed shakshuka at Shalom Y’All—not yet open at press time.

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