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Where to Eat This Week: August 22–28

Super-crunchy fish and chips at Salmonberry Saloon and cheesy bread at Kachka are your required eating for the week.

By Eat Beat Team August 22, 2018

Fish and chips at the Salmonberry Saloon

Tear into fish and chips at Salmonberry Saloon

If you’re headed to the coast this weekend, consider stopping in Wheeler. Among the many reasons to check out the up-and-coming beach town: a consummate fish and chips at casual, über-locavore eatery Salmonberry Saloon. Still-flapping, locally caught rockfish is battered and dredged in Buoy pilsner and rice flour for maximal crispiness.

Let barman Beau Burtnick conjure your drink Bistro Agnes

Downtown’s French bistro (from Ox chef-stars Greg and Gabi Denton) has a secret weapon: one of our favorite bartenders, Beau Burtnick. Ask him to make you a drink—any drink—and some deliciously balanced beauty will arrive, perhaps a mystery tinctured with purple pea flowers, or a textbook French 75. It’s even better with the kitchen’s chicken mousse, smoked salmon carpaccio, and a secret house special, fresh peaches draped with thin sheets of ham, olive oil, and a dusting of smoked paprika.

Eat cheesy bread at Kachka

There’s still a lot of ironing out to be done at the latest iteration of Kachka on the Goat Blocks. One addition that’s perfect as-is? The unpronounceable kachapuri imeruli—essentially a Georgian calzone. The tangy, pizza-like dough is stuffed with smoked sulguni cheese, fried to a crunchy golden brown, and served with two deeply spiced, sweet and savory dipping sauces.

Scoop shave ice at Courier Coffee ... on a weekday!

Our favorite shave ice in the city comes from the most unlikely of places: a cobbled together table at the back of Courier Coffee on Southwest Oak. Previously, the bona fide Japanese desert, which tastes like an exotic snow cone layered with syrups and condensed milk, was available summer Saturdays only. Starting August 27, Courier is cranking out the ice machine Monday–Thursday, 11 a.m.–1 p.m. (Although timing tends to be … flexible at Courier). Farm-fresh strawberries and blueberries with vanilla ricotta, anyone?

Tuck into buttery biscuits at Enoteca Nostrana

Enoteca generally leans towards the side of its Italian mother restaurant, Nostrana, for inspiration, but we’re glad for this exception. Enoteca’s cream biscuit is a salty, buttery, crumbly wonder, as good as—if not better than—any Southern biscuit in the city and served with sharp pimento cheese for spreading.

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