Fall Drinking

5 Cozy, Sweater-Weather Cocktails for Fall

Goodbye, margarita slushies; hello, apple brandy milkshakes.

By Emma Luthy October 1, 2018

The French Connection at Paley's Place

Image: Paley's Place

For a city mostly known for its evergreens, Portland sure takes fall seriously. Embracing the season here is a necessity; not an option—especially when it comes to eating and drinking. We've rounded up five cocktails hitting menus this fall, with enough apple cider, whiskey, and caramel whipped cream to dose an army of soggy plaid. 

French Connection at Paley’s Place

We kinda wish it were acceptable to drink Calvados (apple brandy) year-round, but we’ll settle for this take on a French Connection at Northwest stalwart Paley's. Boulard Calvados is blended with peaty, funky Islay Scotch Whiskey, lemon, and honey, with sparkling wine to mellow the whole thing out.

Lovage a Battlefield at OK Omens

This punny quaff feels like an ode to Indian summer: bright and citrusy, marrying the trendy French aperitif Suze and orange liqueur Combier with sweet, spicy Cocchi Americano and an herb called lovage—kind of like celery, but on steroids. Try it while sitting in the warm sun, enjoying a cold breeze, and singing along to '80s power ballads.

El Milagro at Andina

Andina is offering a little lesson in South American drinking culture. It starts with chicha morada, a spiced, cosmically purple corn drink enjoyed by Peruvians during October in honor of El Mes Morado ("The Purple Month"). Then it’s mixed with a classic Pisco Sour for pep. According to Andina’s bar staff, the result is “a fluffy, light, almost merengue-like drink with spices, tangy lime and orange bitters.” We’re in.

Sidra Begonia at Urdaneta (left), the Hayride Boozy Shake at Rally Pizza

Image: Urdaneta and Rally Pizza

Sidra Begonia at Urdaneta

Javier Canteras, the chef at the Northeast Alberta Spanish tapas spot, dreamed up this ode to his mother’s childhood friends: a luxurious reinvention of hot apple cider. Canteras uses quince cider instead of apple for a more intense, tart base, then blends in brandy de jerez and sherry. For maximum comfort, it’s topped with a pat of cultured butter and dulce de leche foam. Take that, rain. 

Hayride Boozy Shakes at Rally Pizza

This one is for the kid in all of us. Regulars at Vancouver's Rally Pizza are already wise to its magnificent frozen custard. For the Hayride, the staff mixes custard with Clear Creek apple brandy, apple cider reduction, and a splash of spicy ginger liqueur. The whole thing comes topped with whipped cream to sweeten the deal. If you’re a fan of boozy milkshakes, this sucker’s for you.

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