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Burger Stevens Plans its Return this Saturday

The burger cart with a cult-like following is scheduled to reopen Saturday in Beaverton, with a second location at Prost coming soon.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton November 6, 2020

After being closed for months due to the pandemic, Burger Stevens is scheduled to make a comeback this Saturday in Beaverton, with a second location on N Mississippi coming soon.

This town has its fair share of burger shops with a devoted following, and Burger Stevens, a food cart most recently located at Pioneer Square, is one of the most beloved. The cart, which was named one of our cheap eats picks in 2017, has been closed for months due to the pandemic. But there’s good news for Burger Stevens stans: the cart plans to reopen this Saturday, November 7, at a new location at BG’s Food Cartel in Beaverton. Another location at Prost on N Mississippi could open as early as next week.

Burger Stevens’ owner, Don Salamone, says business at Pioneer Square was down to just a quarter of its pre-pandemic volume, which he attributes to fewer people working downtown due to COVID-19. But he’s excited to return to the family-oriented southwestern suburbs in Beaverton, near where the cart got its start in Hillsdale—and still has a loyal following today. The Beaverton cart will also be open for both lunch and dinner, unlike the Pioneer Square location, which was only open for lunch due to its primarily commuter customer base. Most importantly, both the Beaverton location and the Mississippi location have outdoor seating and beer available from other vendors on-site.

The Burger Stevens menu will largely remain the same as it was pre-pandemic. Burgers, of course, are the centerpiece of the menu. The classic burger, made with primo Creekstone Farms beef and garnished with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, and secret sauce all on a Franz Bakery bun, is available as a single or a double. There are fries and veggie burgers, too, and a small selection of burger add-ons including bacon, a fried egg, and most notably, a grilled whole jalapeño. Now, a new burger, the Burger Snack, is set to join the menu: a drive-thru-inspired two-ounce beef burger with ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickles. And for dessert, Salamone is bringing slices of his very favorite pie to the cart for the first time: lemon chiffon, made according to his great aunt’s recipe.

Meanwhile, fans of red sauce pop-up Stevens Italiano—Salamone’s passion project that he opened during the pandemic will have to wait a bit longer for the return of chicken and eggplant parm, osso bucco, and lasagna. Salamone temporarily suspended the pop-up at Dig a Pony in order to get the burger cart up and running again. Salamone tells us that Stevens Italiano may or may not return to its current location, but either way, he’s planning a comeback. Stay tuned for more parm coverage.

Burger Stevens is located at 4250 SW Rose Biggi Ave., Beaverton, with a location soon to come at 4237 N Mississippi Ave., Portland.

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