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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Rebecca Reeve

11:00 AM FREE Upfor Gallery

In Sun Breathing, the New York-based British artist showcases new landscape photos, taken over the course of a single summer in upstate New York. Some featur...

Field of View

11:00 AM FREE Wolf Gallery

Field of View—which places visual artists with developmental disabilities in three-month-residencies in spaces across the city—culminates with this exhibit. ...

Modern American Realism

10:00 AM $17–20 Portland Art Museum

See the arc of the century and modern realist representations of a changing America in this wide-ranging exhibit—think Isabel Bishop, Paul Cadmus, Edward Hop...

Ashley Miller

Editor’s Pick 12:00 PM FREE Blue Sky Gallery

Miller's highly stylized still lifes depict the Sweet Things of this exhibit's title in disturbing, incongruous tableaux: a heavily frosted and sprinkled bab...

Karen Wippich

11:00 AM FREE Waterstone Gallery

What inspires Portland artist Karen Wippich? Vintage images—and cats. For her new show, Living with Kittens, she draws from her vast archive of images to mak...


No Candy

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $19–75 Portland Playhouse

In Emma Stanton's new play, a group of Bosnian Muslim women–all survivors of the war–open a gift shop at the Srebrenica memorial, where they must grapple dai...

Teenage Dick

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM and 12:00 PM $30–60 Artists Repertory Theatre

This modern-day Richard III takes place in a high school, where a bullied 17-year-old with cerebral palsy in the full winter of his discontent will stop at n...

Sense & Sensibility

12:00 PM and 7:30 PM $25–87 The Armory

Part sendup, part homage, playwright Kate Hamill's adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel features all the period costumes and gossipy exchanges you might...