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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Ty Ennis (2018)

FREE Nationale

For his third solo exhibition at Nationale, The Marble Fountain, the Portland artist reflects on nostalgia and aging via mostly black-and-white paintings, ch...

Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art

10:00 AM $20 Portland Art Museum

Curated by PAM's Maribeth Graybill, this exhibit showcases Japanese poetry and the visual form it's taken throughout the centuries. Expect to see a rare frag...

In Transit

12:00 PM FREE Blue Sky Gallery

Curated by Peggy Sue Amison, In Transit explores the challenges of identity and citizenship through the lens of mass migration. The exhibit reflects on both ...

The Earth Will Not Abide

10:00 AM FREE Pacific Northwest College of Art

If you're distraught at the recent report on global temperatures, The Earth Will Not Abide provides an aesthetic critique of the rapidly transforming implica...

Ralph Pugay (2018)

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM FREE Upfor Gallery

The Portland artist injects absurdity and brash color into narrative paintings—a gymnast being gored by a bull, a robot at a retirement home. This solo exhib...

Modern American Realism

10:00 AM $17–20 Portland Art Museum

See the arc of the century and modern realist representations of a changing America in this wide-ranging exhibit—think Isabel Bishop, Paul Cadmus, Edward Hop...

Mary Josephson (2018)

11:00 AM FREE Russo Lee Gallery

The Portland artist returns to Russo Lee with a new exhibit titled My Scars Are My Tattoos, her first solo since November 2016’s Why I Kept a Light Burning. ...