Portobello’s Sunday Brunch is Back

Waffles and tofu eggies return to the vegan trattoria after a two-year hiatus.

By Tuck Woodstock April 28, 2015

Portobello's Italian omelet with arrabbiata seitan sausage, spicy cherry peppers, marinara and cashew cheese sauce

Hey, Stumptown vegan—have you spent the last 21 months sighing longingly about the good old days? Waxing nostalgic about brunches gone by? Fondly recalling Sunday mornings spent noshing on mile high omelets, ‘merican waffles and early morning tiramisu at Portobello Vegan Trattoria?

Sigh no more! Portobello has quietly relaunched its brunch service, guided by a slew of favorite breakfast recipes from years past. 

Portobello's blueberry pear waffle (blueberry waffle with blueberry compote, vanilla bourbon ice cream, and maple syrup)

Fruit compote-adorned waffles are again served a la mode; gourmet home fries arrive smothered in parsley pesto or cashew cheese sauce; smoky seitan ham rounds and Hollandaised half-moons of tofu quiver atop the vegan benedict. 

The eggless kitchen gets extra-creative with dishes like the Italian omelet, which deconstructs the popular Arriabbiata pie into a soul-warming stack of spicy seitan sausage, cherry peppers, sweet marinara, and cashew cheese sauce piled onto a grainy slab of OTA tofu. Think part pizza, part polenta, all plants, all amazing. 

Portobello's vegan benedict with tofu “eggies” housemade smoky seitan ham, tomato, spinach, toasted English muffin and cashew Hollandaise

The stars of Portobello’s dinner menu shine early on Sundays, as well, including the famous beet tartare, a brunchified beet burger, and a vegan cheese plate by Eugene’s Vtopian. Plates not up to par with your nostalgic fantasies? The staff asks patrons to pipe up if there’s something they miss from the old menu, or if they have wild ideas for new dishes.

New to the Portland and/or vegan scene? Your first chance to chow down on this celebrated breakfast is next Sunday from 9:30 am–2 pm. Tables are first come, first serve, so bring a few chatty friends and maybe a snack—after all, this is Portland brunch we’re talking about, and long waits are part of the fun.

Portobello Vegan Trattoria
1125 SE Division St
Brunch: Sundays 9:30 am–2 pm

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