Inside The Maple Parlor, Hawthorne's New Self-Serve Sundae Shop

The new dessert destination appeals to all diets with strawberry-beet soft serve, candied bacon, and toppings galore.

By Tuck Woodstock October 19, 2015

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Organic strawberry beet soft serve with Oregon wild berry compote and toasted coconut flakes.
Organic classic vanilla soft serve with candied sesame clusters and caramelized coconut milk.

No gluten?
No sugar?
No dairy?
No honey?
No problem.

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Ice cream dreams come true for all kinds of eaters at the Maple Parlor. The sundae shop opened in the former Swirl space on SE Hawthorne on October 2, proffering housemade soft serve and artisan toppings to sweet-toothed Portlanders. 

Founder April Ecklund—who opened Sellwood’s Jade Bistro with her family in 2008—uses organic dairy to make classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and signature maple. Not into cow’s milk? The shop uses coconuts, cashews, and fruit as bases for creations from chocolate banana to strawberry beet. Scoopable toppings, all clearly labeled with potential allergens, run the gamut from gummi bears and peanut butter cups to candied sesame clusters, raw coconut fudge, and candied bacon. Drizzle your masterpiece with classics like hard shell peanut butter and marshmallow or alternatives like coconut milk caramel, olive oil, or lavender honey. Lion Heart kombucha is available on tap for those looking to double down on sweet probiotic goodness.

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Unlike its fro-yo predecessor, the Maple Parlor charges by bowl size, not by weight, inviting patrons to stack as many soft serve flavors and tasty toppings as they can (Prices run from $2.50 for a mini to $6.75 for a large). Expect to see plenty of precarious towers of frozen deliciousness on your Instagram feed soon.

The Maple Parlor
3538 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Tues–Thurs: 12–9 pm
Fri–Sat: 12–10 pm
Sun: 12–6 pm

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