Gym Spotlight: Müv Training Portland

If your workout routines tend to get stale quickly, mix it up with Müv’s multitude of classes.

By Sarah Hopwood January 27, 2016

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If $225 a month for a single type of exercise—a Barre membership, say, or unlimited hot yoga—sounds excessive, then Müv Training might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Müv offers strength training, yoga, barre, and cycling classes, all focused on small group training sessions (never more than 24 people and usually fewer than 10). Classes are filled with humor and high-tempo music that makes you want to get down with your bad self in between squat reps and push-ups.

Müv is tucked away into a cluster of retail stores on West Burnside in Goose Hollow, so you’re forgiven if you haven’t noticed it. But it might be worth your attention (and a detour post-workday) if you're easily bored by your workout routine. The relatively small studio somehow squeezes in a cycle studio, yoga and barre studio, a room filled with TRX, weight, and cardio equipment, and a pair of locker rooms. 


With members ranging from teens to octogenarians, Müv offers options for every body. First, get set up with an Inbody Analysis to figure out your starting point: BMI, weight, muscle mass, etc. Then choose which modalities most interest you: 

Yoga Sculpt: This style of yoga is a fantastic full body workout. No deep stretching here—instead, expect sweaty warrior poses and weight work. 

Cycling: Get in the zone and time your feet to the loud, upbeat music blasting in the cycle studio while you sweat your buns off. The cycling instructors are attentive and encouraging, so don’t be afraid if it's your first time.

Müv Strong: These weight-centric classes will leave your quads with a constant, burning reminder of the obscene number of squats you busted out. Get excited for high-intensity interval cardio and be prepared to push yourself with a good round of circuit training.

Müv Con: Conditioning classes focus on keeping your heart rate up and getting in more reps than a Müv Strong class, with lighter weights. Perfect if you’re trying to lose weight or want to maintain long, lean muscles.

Barre: Imagine a thin lady who has been training her whole life as a dancer. Now imagine she’s coaching you through beginner ballet moves like plies and making you do a MILLION OF THEM.

Müv likes to keep it fresh and isn’t afraid of new things. Don’t be surprised to see new offerings like “TRX/Cycle Fusion” or “Müv Pilates,” and don’t be afraid to branch out and try something different—the friendly instructors will gladly guide you.  


$119 per month (with an intro rate of $79)
$25 per drop-in class
Free introductory class

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General Manager Lyle Gadin’s favorite place for a post-workout meal is Boise Fry Company. “Get a bison burger, and go bunless for a great dose of protein,” he suggests. Also nearby is Uno Mas, one of the city’s best taquerias. If you're working out on a weekend, pick up a breakfast taco piled high with scrambled eggs and guacamole—you've earned it.

Müv Training Portland
1932 W Burnside St
(503) 444-9954

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