The Oregon Health Authority announced the first presumptive case of coronavirus in the state on February 28, 2020. Since then, businesses have been shattered, mutual aid groups and volunteers have stepped up, a racial reckoning simmered to a boil, and hundreds of thousands of Americans have perished. 2020 has revealed the cracks in our healthcare system, brought out the kindness in us for those in need, and has individually and collectively shaped us into a different community. 

Today on Footnotes, Portland Monthly’s Marty Patail, Fiona McCann, Margaret Seiler, and Katherine Chew Hamilton look back on one year of the coronavirus—how we’re coping, overcoming, and changing.



  • Marty Patail, editor in chief
  • Fiona McCann, deputy editor 
  • Margaret Seiler, managing editor
  • Katherine Chew Hamilton, food editor

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