LISTEN: Portland's Changing Food Scene, with Karen Brooks and Katherine Chew Hamilton

Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks and Portland Monthly food editor Katherine Chew Hamilton discuss how restaurants and food writing are changing.

Edited by Gabriel Granillo August 28, 2020

Food. We need it. Yes, to provide sustenance, energy, and comfort, but also to share a connection, to share the story of who we are and where we come from, to explore culture and tradition around our city. And for years, Portland was considered one of America's most creative food destinations, so when the coronavirus hit, Portland's food scene was hit hard. 

After months of protests against systemic racism and police brutality, the food industry is facing a reckoning of its own, with Portlanders expecting inclusion and representation. The fact is: many restaurants won't survive. But many are, adapting to a world being shaped by the pandemic and the fight for social justice. 

Today on Foodnotes: Portland's Changing Food Scene. We talk with Karen Brook and Katherine Chew Hamilton about how restaurants are adapting to this moment, and how food writing is coming along for the ride. 


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