Fiona McCann is a senior editor at Portland Monthly, where she steers the magazine’s arts and cultural coverage as well as the On the Town blog. When not out seeking her cultural hits in high and low places—she’s as likely to be found at a symphony concert as in a mosh pit, at a ballet performance as in a comics store—she creates and edits plump and colorful feature packages on such diverse topics as love and sex, pets and children, and Portland’s eternal love of pop culture. Since joining the magazine in 2015, she’s also covered school board challenges, sportswear upstarts, and a kick-ass Tetris tournament.  

In her past life, she was an Arts and Features Writer for the Irish Times, an editor at social news agency Storyful, edited and wrote for Time Out guides in Argentina, and worked for Reuters, Buenos Aires.  


The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Portland Summer

This summer, no weekend shall be left behind. We offer itineraries for every day off from now until the end of September.

05/26/2015 By Zach Dundas, Aaron Scott, Ramona DeNies, and Fiona McCann Edited by Rachel Ritchie


What If The Simpsons Became Our Post-Apocalyptic Mythology?

Portland Playhouse takes on stories and The Simpsons in a daring, "post-electric" drama.

05/21/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Latest in Portland Arts News—Westward Ho With Margaret Cho!

Plus NBA's Jason Collins, White Bird's season preview, and Ramona Quimby.

05/14/2015 By Fiona McCann


'The Lion' Roars Onto Portland Center Stage

Ben Scheuer plucks at the heartstrings in his Portland Center Stage one-man musical.

05/12/2015 By Fiona McCann


Four Films You Can't Miss at Portland's QDoc Festival

With 11 films on show at Portland's Queer Documentary Film Festival—billed as the only film festival in the country devoted exclusively to LGBT documentaries—get ready for some serious screen time. Here are the four flicks we're most excited to see

05/09/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Latest in Portland Arts News—Mythbusters, Mothers, and Marty McFly

Plus Uhh Yeah Dude, Jason Isbell, Ry Cooder, the Vanport Multimedia Project, and Yo-Yo Ma

05/07/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Ten Best Magnetic Fields Songs (In Alphabetical Order)

With Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt in town, we flipped through his back catalog and got hung up on 69 Love Songs all over again.

05/06/2015 By Fiona McCann


Super Animated: Hours of Fun at the NW Animation Fest

We're slap bang in the midst of a slew of animation at Hollywood Theatre. Catch some clips of what's on show this week.

05/05/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Latest in Portland Arts News—Something Wicked This Way Comes

Plus Anthony Doerr, Jane Smiley, Tender Loving Empire, and not that feminist bookstore

04/30/2015 By Fiona McCann


Six Reasons We’d Crown Billie Jean King

Including a message for Portland from the one-time tennis champ

04/30/2015 By Fiona McCann


Review: R&B and Race in Stumptown Stages' 'Soul Harmony'

Soul Harmony's world premiere about a Jewish woman's collaboration with a black, male band which gave birth to R&B

04/27/2015 By Fiona McCann


How One Local Musician Connects Portland's Greatest Bands

22 degrees of Dave Depper

04/27/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Latest in Portland Arts News—Benefits, Ballet, and Storm Large

Plus Modest Mouse, Beirut, the Oregon Symphony Gala, and arts in schools.

04/23/2015 By Fiona McCann


Portland Animator Bill Plympton’s Cheatin’ Heart

The local filmmaker is back in town for the opening of his latest feature, Cheatin’.

04/23/2015 By Fiona McCann


Portland Teens' Movie on Bullying Selected for Seattle Festival

Sticky notes teach a valuable life lesson in 'To Do:', an animated short film about bullying made by two Portland teens that's premiering in Seattle this weekend.

04/21/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Latest in Portland Arts News—Anthony Bourdain is Portland-Bound!

Plus Cheryl Strayed, Arts Tax winners, Portland Center Stage, and Boom Arts

04/16/2015 By Fiona McCann


Poetry and a Proposal at the 28th Oregon Book Awards

Readers, writers, lovers, fighters—there was something for everyone at the 28th Oregon Book Awards.

04/14/2015 By Fiona McCann


Watch the Birth of Rock-N-Roll on a Portland Stage Near You

A new Portland-penned musical centers on the woman credited with inventing rock 'n' roll. Ahead of the production, rock critic and music writer Greil Marcus is in town to talk about why we should pay attention to Deborah Chessler.

04/13/2015 By Fiona McCann


The Latest in Portland Arts News—Jeff Daniels En Route to Portland

Plus a new program for Portland’s budding playwrights and a new curator-in-residence at Disjecta

04/09/2015 By Fiona McCann


Review: Memory and Money in Artist’s Rep’s The Price

Two brothers reunite to divest themselves of their dead father’s furniture, but struggle to do the same with their memories (and Artist’s Rep keeps Arthur Miller relevant).

04/09/2015 By Fiona McCann