Party Time

Tailgating That Won't Get You a Ticket

When there's football, and fans, there's gotta be a tailgate party. Tips for your next tailgate (and we don't mean driving too close to the car ahead of you).

10/13/2012 By Kristin Belz


Fashion Philanthropy

Local style companies sew goodwill into their bottom lines.

10/12/2012 By Eden Dawn


Brain Storm 2012

Eight innovative Oregonians who are changing our world for the better.

09/15/2012 Edited by Zach Dundas


On the Water

Review our accessory checklist if you want to spend the summer lolling on a (Pendleton) beach blanket.

07/17/2012 By Eden Dawn


Instant Cool (Just Add Tools)

ADX takes “craft” to the next level by providing inventive citizens with tools and room to work.

07/14/2012 By Bill Lascher Videography by Stephen Person


To the Max

Here's a handy guide for transitioning maxi dresses from work to play.

06/15/2012 By Eden Dawn


Top Coed Trail Shoes

Sturdy and stylish boots that work for guys and gals.

06/15/2012 By Kasey Cordell


Top Men’s Trail Shoes

OK men, let's make tracks in these top-notch boots.

06/15/2012 By Kasey Cordell


Top Women’s Trail Shoes

Traversing the trails requires some serious footwear. Here are our picks for the ladies!

06/15/2012 By Kasey Cordell

Walk This Way

Portland’s Top Trail Shoes

To help you decide what to wear on your in-town hikes, we put some of Portland’s top footwear companies’ trail shoes to the test. The result? Eleven hiker-approved kicks.

06/15/2012 By Kasey Cordell


Retracing K2's Deadliest Day

Journalist Peter Zuckerman tells the story of K2’s deadliest day from the point of view of the sherpas.

05/23/2012 By Aaron Scott

Long Story [Short]

The Funnyman

Portland comedian Ron Funches creates laughter from life's slings and arrows.

03/15/2012 By Rebecca Waits

Long Story [Short]

Queen of Carts

The owner of the most talked-about food cart in town is expanding her culinary reach.

01/26/2012 By Benjamin Tepler

newsstand companion

Jared & Brianne Mees

Extra notes and quotes from our fall arts edition’s music couple.

09/01/2011 By Anne Adams

newsstand companion

Brian & Nikki Weaver

Extra notes and quotes from our fall arts edition’s theater couple.

09/01/2011 By Anne Adams

newsstand companion

Jamey Hampton & Ashley Roland

Extra notes and quotes from our fall arts edition’s dance couple.

09/01/2011 By Anne Adams


Fall Arts Preview 2011

From theater and dance to a 16th-century masterpiece painting, the fall season of arts offerings is ripe with couples’ collaborations.

08/19/2011 By Randy Gragg and Anne Adams


Farm to Stage

A burgeoning butoh artist finds inspiration in her own backyard.

06/29/2011 By Anne Adams


Gridiron Dreams

Amateur football in these parts sports a different kind of celebrity.

05/20/2011 By Martin Patail