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The 65th St. Cocktail

Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th Ave

"Happened upon these bitters while walking 65th St in NYC. They inspired a drink that connects past to present, celebrates complexity, drinks with simplicity and asks to be shared with someone special."
- Curtis Day, Bar Manager, Park Kitchen


1.5 oz WL Buffalo Trace Bourbon

.75 oz Aperol

.75 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

.5   oz aged rum (Zaya or Ron Zacappa 23 yr)

8-10 drops Bitter old men Isaan Bitters


Combine all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir for 25-30 seconds, strain into a double old fashion glass with a large ice cube and zest an orange over the top of the glass. Discard the orange peel.

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