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Dr. Shannel Adams, Dr. Amanda Hurliman, and Dr. Elizabeth Barbieri, Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Presented by Oregon Reproductive Medicine May 2, 2018

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Image: Tom Cook

What led you to your career?

Dr. Shannel Adams: Growing up in a family of strong-minded and nurturing women inspired me to go into medicine. I had incredible female role models who were passionate about taking care of other women. For this reason, I was immediately drawn to obstetrics and gynecology. The root of the word for obstetrics means “to stand by” or “to be present” and the OB/GYNs that I identified with the most during my training were Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility physicians. I admired above all their ability to be present in crucial moments. As a Reproductive Endocrinologist, it’s an honor and a privilege to be a trusted presence in my patients’ lives, to care for them and their fertility needs.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Dr. Amanda Hurliman: Simply being there for the people I have the opportunity to care for. I get to learn their personal stories as we face challenges together. While there are few things sweeter than sharing the successes, I am most grateful for being there for the journey.

What are you excited to be working on right now?

Dr. Elizabeth Barbieri: I am always happy when I can successfully help someone have a baby, whether through simple treatment or complex interventions, using their own eggs or donor egg, own sperm or donor sperm, carrying the pregnancy themselves or using a surrogate. Recent advances in the field of genetics may potentially help our patients have healthy babies, as we can now screen parents (and donors) to identify genes that could impact the health of their potential child. Additionally, we have the ability to test embryos created through IVF for specific diseases. It’s a very exciting, newer treatment option to help our patients increase their chances of having a healthy baby!