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Jane Adams, Jane's Vanity

Jane's Vanity

Presented by Jane's Vanity May 1, 2018

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Image: Tom Cook

What drew you to a career in lingerie?

The beauty, the intimacy and the fascinating history of the evolution of lingerie in our culture. Lingerie is the language of romance and it is universally understood, no translation is required, only attuned aesthetics.

What makes Jane’s Vanity special?

I still can’t believe I’ve been at this business for upwards of 30 years in Portland! I have seen so many changes, not only in my industry, but also in this beautiful city that I’ve been proud to call my home. Jane’s Vanity is in the fifth year of a transitional shift from a brick and mortar business to the mysterious ethers of the Internet. Our foundation continues to be our research for the treasures we hand-select to offer our clients. If we haven’t physically seen and touched the garments and fallen in love, we won’t place an order--that’s our only golden rule. My assistant and I travel to Europe every year and we feast our eyes on the beauty of the cities and the latest offerings from established houses as well as new talents. Meeting the designers and hearing their sources of inspiration are essential ingredients in our decision-making. We marry quality and function. Beauty cannot rest on her laurels alone.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud that Jane’s Vanity has been the first in the U.S. to stock several brands, including Olivia Von Halle, Morpho and Luna, that have gone on to great success. Each collection represents a unique story, a finite history waiting for its new owner to imbue with their memories. That’s my greatest success.