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Cambia Health Solutions' Women of Influence

Executive leaders recognize the power of healthcare innovation during trying times.

Presented by Cambia Health Solutions April 30, 2020


Image: Tom Cook

Why is the overall mission of Cambia special to you, especially during COVID-19?

Kathleen Faulk: “Cambia’s mission of transforming health care in a person-centered way speaks to my soul and takes on heightened
importance as we navigate through this pandemic together.”

Tonya Adams: “I chose to join Cambia for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference for members. Consumers need us now more than ever to make their health care simple, easy, and user friendly. Period.”

Jennifer Danielson: “I want everyone to have an at-your-fingertips health care navigation resource and care centered on their needs.
That’s what Cambia is creating and the change I’m advocating for, especially during these challenging times.”

Do you have any leadership advice for women in health care?

KF: “Leaders must have cognitive horsepower, tenacity and stamina to teach and learn, to be compassionate and hold others accountable. None of those traits are specific to a gender. Lead with your heart and your head…in the way only YOU can do.”

TA: “It’s important to be confident, and it’s also important to project your confidence. Be unapologetic. Ask for what you want and trust yourself to stand your ground. Know what your strengths are – but also know what they’re not and look to find and partner with those strengths in others.”

JD: “Two things: first, learn and be curious. So many opportunities have come my way because I learned not just the business, but the reasons behind challenges and the opportunities for change. Second, ask for opportunities, don’t wait for them. Seek those challenges that help you grow and expand your vision, and don’t be hesitant to ask questions or to seek advice.”

Cambia Health Solutions is a family of companies dedicated to creating a person focused and economically sustainable health care system.