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Oregon Eye Specialists

For more than 25 years, the physicians at Oregon Eye Specialists have provided Portland-area patients clarity.

Presented by Oregon Eye Specialists April 27, 2020

Top Left – Dr. Jacqueline Ng, Lake Oswego/Aloha, Dr. Kelly D. Chung, St. Vincent, Dr. Lorinna Lombardi, Tualatin/Newberg, Dr. Christen K. Richard, Providence Medical Center

Bottom Left – Dr. Vasiliki D. Stoumbos, St. Vincent/Providence Medical Center, Dr. Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude, Lake Oswego, Aloha, Dr. Zoey E. Stoumbos, Newberg/St. Vincent

Image: Tom Cook

For more than 25 years, the physicians at Oregon Eye Specialists have provided Portland area patients clarity. From the welcoming front office staff to the ophthalmologists’ compassionate approach, their core values shine in everything they do.  “We’ve made an effort to exemplify our guiding principles from the top down and empower excellence and "doing the right thing" for our patients and each other” explains Dr. Kelly Chung.

With six different locations, the group is composed of independent providers, yet each clinic offers a distinctive synergy between innovative technology and compassion that translates to optimum care. The physician’s pooled resources enable each doctor to draw on the expertise of colleagues to go above and beyond when treating cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes and other ocular issues. Oregon Eye Specialists is committed to community outreach, educating the public and partnering annually with different charities. This year, they are teaming up with the American Diabetes Association to increase awareness of how the disease can affect the eyes.

“Aging does not necessarily mean worsening vision or eye health and many eye conditions are treatable with regular eye exams. We do not want vision to be the factor that limits our patients. Ophthalmology is a field wherein we are really trying to improve the quality of lives. And we are lucky that there are so many interventions such as cataract surgery that enable people to see markedly better.”
– Dr. Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude.

Oregon Eye Specialists Locations:

Aloha, Lake Oswego, Newberg, Providence St. Vincent, Tualatin, Providence Portland