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Mark O. Hatfield School of Government

Portland State University

Presented by Mark O. Hatfield School of Government April 24, 2020

Image: Tom Cook

By cultivating the innovators of tomorrow and empowering those already in a position to make a difference, civic leaders at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government are taking the commitment of public service to new heights.

Raised by two educator parents in a Quaker Friends intentional community, Sara Saltzberg, Director of the Center for Public Service, gained experience in building trusting relationships, communicating effectively to achieve collaboration and making consensus-based decisions from a young age. In her current role, she aspires to strengthen the legitimacy of, and citizen trust in, public service institutions and the people who work in them, not only in Oregon, but also with international partners. Says Saltzberg, “The Center for Public Service offers a wide variety of professional development education, training and talent-building programs, applied research and consulting services and publications that enhance lives, organizations and communities.”

“Belief in the innate wisdom and collective power of those most impacted by a situation to find their own solutions is at the core of my being and has been a guiding force in my commitment to public service,” says Laurel Singer, Executive Director of the National Policy Consensus Center. “Our programs help bring together a diverse range of voices, perspectives, and expertise to develop lasting and effective public policy, to resolve conflicts, and to leverage public, private, and civic resources to implement community-based solutions. Our research and publications identify success factors and share best practices for collaborative approaches to addressing public issues.”

Mark O. Hatfield School of Government