Top Doctors, Nurses & More

Portland’s Top Medical Providers 2022

Here are the city’s best doctors, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, and more, according to their peers.

12/03/2020 Edited by Margaret Seiler


Actual Good News! Norovirus Outbreaks Are Way Down in 2020

Sorry COVID made you postpone your wedding, but here’s one more disease you won’t be getting. (Maybe.)

12/03/2020 By Margaret Seiler


As COVID Vaccines Seem More Plausible, Oregon Focuses on Its Distribution Plan

The three-phase plan centers health equity. But if and when a vaccine is approved, there will be a “period of discovery.”

11/25/2020 By Gabriel Granillo

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Stay Home for the Holidays

Travel increases your risk for getting and spreading COVID-19.



This Medford Clinic Is Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine, and You Wouldn’t Even Know It

The Clinical Research Institute of Southern Oregon has quietly conducted more than 700 clinical research trials. Now, it’s working on a coronavirus vaccine.

11/19/2020 By Gabriel Granillo and Riley Blake

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From Patient to Peer

A former addiction and recovery patient turns his battle with substance use disorder into a supportive career for others who are in treatment.



Governor Kate Brown Issues a Plea for Oregonians to Stay With Their Household. Will It Work?

As nine Oregon counties head into a two-week “pause,” what got us here and what does it mean?

11/11/2020 By Gabriel Granillo and Fiona McCann

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‘The Only Dream That We’ve Had Is to Own a House’

Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East makes accessible housing a reality for Portland families.

11/10/2020 By Ben McBee

Round Up

Looking for Some Help Making It Through Election Day?

Portland Monthly created this care package just for you.

11/03/2020 By Portland Monthly Staff

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Pandemic Fatigue: It’s Real, and It’s Dangerous

Staying vigilant and practicing simple and basic healthy behaviors are still key to preventing the spread of COVID-19.


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Screening and Early Detection: One Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story

A Kaiser Permanente member shares wisdom from her recent cancer journey.



Oregonians Are Wearing Their Masks, a New Survey Shows

But they're a lot less certain about whether they want to get a coronavirus vaccine

10/08/2020 By Julia Silverman


Don’t Get Complacent: Coronavirus Cases Are on the Rise in Oregon

The state reported its highest-ever daily case count on September 25.

09/25/2020 By Julia Silverman

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Controlling Substance Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

September is National Addiction and Recovery Month. In the face of the uncertainty of a global pandemic, our friends, family, and colleagues may be struggling.


What Now?

After the Smoke, C’est Toi

Open the windows, go for a walk, pick some produce—but read our guide first.

09/19/2020 By Julia Silverman

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Year of the Nurse: The Advocate

Thomas Gazeley, RN at Trillium Family Services, Mid Valley Campus

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Hometown Hero

Spencer Hall, Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Frontline Phenom

Lacey Morris, Registered Nurse & Clinical Programs Manager, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center – McMinnville Clinics

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Friendly Smile

John Rodriguez, Emergency Department Nurse, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Heart of Gold

Jenifer Ryan, Cardiology Nurse, The Oregon Clinic – Tualatin

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee