Fantastic Mr. Frame

Video Interview with Visionary Sculptor/Filmmaker John Frame

The California sculptor comes to town on Sunday to talk about creating his fantastical exhibition at the Portland Art Museum.

03/15/2012 By Aaron Scott

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Spring Fashion Campaigns

Fashionable advertisements that’ll suck you in.

02/15/2012 By Eden Dawn

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Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup

Want to know the insider beauty tricks for the great Miss Monroe? We got ’em.

02/08/2012 By Eden Dawn

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AMNW Design Challenge

Watch AMNW every Friday to see Portland’s own reality competition.

01/30/2012 By Eden Dawn

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Cake’s Mustache Man Video

Portland’s fashion scene has a hand in everything.

01/20/2012 By Eden Dawn


In the Kitchen with Sarah Hart

Here's a delicious dessert recipe that's perfect for Valentine's Day—and it comes straight from the (Sarah) Hart.

01/20/2012 Edited by Benjamin Tepler



So you like the idea of gardening but you want to start out small. Try a terrarium! We've got a video to help you get started.

01/20/2012 By Kate Bryant

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The Night Rider Lookbook

Vintage shoes get their time to shine.

01/09/2012 By Eden Dawn

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Behind the Scenes of Our Portlandia Shoot!

Have a good look at the most fun photo shoot of the year.

12/20/2011 By Eden Dawn

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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

A tiny fashionista steals our hearts.

12/15/2011 By Eden Dawn

from the newsstand

Stage Cure: Holcombe Waller

Modern troubadour Holcombe Waller finds catharsis in a new multimedia production. Read more.


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Textile Master Andrea Aranow

An intriguing short film about an amazing career.

11/01/2011 By Eden Dawn

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OPB & Eden Dawn at Portland Fashion Week

See OPB follow Dawn through the fashion jungle.

10/19/2011 By Eden Dawn

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Grishley Video

A look behind the Grishley line.

10/17/2011 By Eden Dawn


Light A Fire 2011

Our annual celebration of giving highlights the extraordinary work of 14 nonprofits and individuals working to better our community, from farmers who donate millions of pounds of food to fight hunger to high school students who help immigrants become Amer

10/14/2011 By Lucy Burningham

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Yo Vintage Video

A little looksee into the master mind of Yo Vintage, Sarah Radcliffe.

10/04/2011 By Eden Dawn

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Behind the Scenes of PoMo’s Fall Fashion Shoot!

Visual proof of how much fun we have on the sets of our editorials.

09/21/2011 By Eden Dawn


In the Kitchen with Abby Fammartino, October 2011

Abby’s table chef and owner Abby Fammartino walks us through the simple steps of preparing her zucchini fritters with cucumber-fennel relish in our in the Kitchen video series.

09/21/2011 Edited by Benjamin Tepler

Web Exclusive

Video: Fall Fashion 2011 Behind-the-Scenes

Get all the behind-the-scenes action from our Portland-based bohemian love story showcasing the best in Fall Fashion with this lusty making-of video.