The Hood Old Days

Who was the first person to summit the mountain? Who dedicated Timberline Lodge? What's the deal with that igloo thing? This slideshow is sure to give you all the details on the history of Mt Hood.

Edited by Brian Barker November 17, 2009 Published in the December 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

ca. 500,000 BCE Mount Hood erupts continually over a period of several hundred years.

ca. 10,000 BCE Native tribes like the Multnomah subsist on slopes and valleys surrounding a mountain they call Wy’East.

1792 British naval lieutenant William Broughton names Mount Hood after his countryman, Admiral Samuel Hood, a man who has never seen the mountain.

From the first eruption to the arrival of FDR, we’ve got a history of Hood. Flip through our photos for the full story on our favorite mountain.

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