The Local's Guide to Mount Hood

The Local's Guide to Mount Hood We scaled every snowy nook and cranny of Oregon’s iconic peak to deliver this user’s guide. Whether you’re a rabid ski bum or have never strapped on a pair of snowshoes, we’ve got the inside line on our beloved mountain’s essential experiences.

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Arts & Culture


Off Hours: December 2009

Put on your red cap and white beard, get your copy of Footnotes in Gaza, and cheer for the Beaverducks in Off Hours, our monthly free-time to-do list.



Mug Shots

Florida company BevShots targets Rogue's American Amber Ale for a micropictorial.

11/09/2009 By Kasey Cordell

30 Seconds With…

Tom Krattenmaker

_Portland Monthly_ sits down with Tom Krattenmaker to discuss the way evangelical Christianity permeates athletics.



The Perfect Party 2009

Here are the newsmakers from this year we'd love to sit down with.


Eat & Drink


Fin City

If you’ve ever enjoyed the pasta with fresh crab at Clyde Common, the catfish clay pot at Pok Pok, or the pepper-salted squid at Jin Wah, you can thank ABC Seafood Market. This tiny storefront at SE 65th Avenue and Powell Boulevard has the largest selecti

11/09/2009 By Mike Thelin


The Spice Is Right

Saucebox's Gregory Gourdet shows how pickled fruits and vegetables such as apples can brighten up a winter meal.

11/09/2009 By Eva Hagberg


Cellar Notes: December 2009

What's the top wine-selling store in Oregon? The answer could surprise you. Condé Cox looks at a few of the store's top wines.

11/09/2009 By Condé Cox


Brew Believers

Eugene-based microbrew upstart Ninkasi has sextupled its output in the last three years, and taken over 22-ounce bottle market in the state due to the success of a few of its different beers such as Oatis, Sleigh'r, and Believer.

11/09/2009 By John Chandler


Pepsi Chicken

Veteran restauranteur Jay Irvin marinades his chicken in Pepsi, making for a meat that's sweet, savory, and tender—think teriyaki chicken with a sorghum tinge.

11/09/2009 By Rachel Ritchie


Introducing: Departure

Sitting atop the Nines, Departure offers a 270-degree view of the city and an interior that recalls the Starship Enterprise.

11/09/2009 By Mike Thelin

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Our Mountain

11/09/2009 By Randy Gragg

Health & Wellness


Pickup Schtick

Dating coach Alma Rubenstein tries to teach the hapless singles of Portland how to find each other to mixed results.

11/09/2009 By Betsy Rothstein

Home & Real Estate


Winged Wonders

Brighten your winter months by transforming your backyard into an avian paradise.

11/19/2009 By Kate Bryant

News & City Life

Local Hero

Regular Joe

Itching to learn more about Joe Sacco after our Q&A? Here's our slideshow retrospective on the career of Portland's favorite comics journalist.

11/19/2009 By Robert Runyon


Behind the Lines

Joe Sacco has gone to warzones such as Goražde, Palestine, and Sarajevo and reported what he found in a series of critically acclaimed books, inadvertently helping to create comics journalism. He takes a break from preparing his newest, _Footnotes in Gaz

11/09/2009 By Randy Gragg


Unspoken Word

On the heels of Megan McMorris' _P.S. What I Didn't Say_, a Portland native scours schools, churches, and prisons for letters indicating what someone would have said.

11/09/2009 By Rachel Ritchie

Style & Shopping


Golden Girls

Dee's Golden Door salon helps to revive a bygone era of community as a cast of regulars return week after week, month after month, year after year, and decade after decade.

11/09/2009 By Nancy Rommelmann

Holiday Gift Guide

The Expert Eye

In order to help you with your holiday shopping, we've called in some help from the professionals (Giovanna Parolari of Una, Jordan Sayler of Winn Perry, Liza Brennan of Manor, and Sarah Shaoul of Black Wagon) for our gift guide.



Shop Treatment

Czech-based branding firm Eyelevel opens a Swan Island branch, and reveals some of their marketing secrets.

11/09/2009 By Kasey Cordell


PDX Index: Holiday Shopping

Get wrapped in the holiday spirit with our gift giving facts.

11/09/2009 By Veronica Martin

Travel & Outdoors

Get High

The Local's Guide to Mt. Hood

Whether you’re a rabid ski bum or have never strapped on a pair of snowshoes, we’ve got the inside line on our beloved mountain’s essential experiences.


Bro Encore

Parlez-Vous "Bro"? Part Deux

More mountain lingo for the truly bro-tastic.

11/19/2009 With Brian Barker

Web Exclusive

Our Mt Hood

The best of our reader submitted photos



The Big Melt

Mount Hood's 12 glaciers have shrunk a collective 40 percent since 1901, and according to a PSU geology professor, "Our children could see summer skiing on Hood go away."

11/18/2009 By Kasey Cordell


The Hood Old Days

Who was the first person to summit the mountain? Who dedicated Timberline Lodge? What's the deal with that igloo thing? This slideshow is sure to give you all the details on the history of Mt Hood.

11/17/2009 Edited by Brian Barker


The Inside Track at Mt. Hood Meadows

Welcome to Mt Hood Meadows. With terrain this good, you can’t afford to stand around gaping, wondering where to go. You need a plan. So we tapped Jeremy Riss, the mountain’s ski-school manager, for some solid advice on our local volcano’s biggest ski area

11/10/2009 With Brian Barker


Lore of the Mountain

Since 1896, more than 130 people have died in the process of summiting Mt. Hood. Still, more than 10,000 people attempt the feat each year. Here are five of the most unforgettable stories from Hood's peaks.

11/10/2009 With Brian Barker By Ivan Miller


Parlez-Vous Bro?

Your guide to snow slang for those upcoming days on the mountain.

11/09/2009 With Brian Barker


Mt. Hood

As the temperatures dip towards freezing, that big A-shaped peak to the east, Mt. Hood, calls to Portlanders. We've put together a guide that highlights 23 of the mountain's most essential experiences.

11/09/2009 By Kasey Cordell, Christopher Van Tilburg, Rachel Ritchie, and Kelly O'Connor Edited by Brian Barker