Food Cart City

3 Great Breakfast Carts

Start your day off right.

By Kasey Cordell August 17, 2010 Published in the September 2010 issue of Portland Monthly

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Parkers Waffles

Bloop: Peanut Butter Banana Dreams ($4.75)

This five-month-old cart is the culinary lovechild of Wilford Brimley and Elvis Presley, combining oats, almond milk, peanut butter, bananas, almonds, agave sweetener, cinnamon, finely chopped nuts, and brown sugar into a scrumptious breakfast with which—as the King might say—you “can’t help falling in love.” Or at least one that’ll have you scraping the bottom of your bowl.

Moxie Rx: Cheddar Biscuit ($5.50)

Owing to the cart’s brief hours (Friday through Monday from 9 to 4, but serving hot food only until 2:30), Moxie’s Cheddar Biscuit is an elusive—but much talked-about—beast. Your fortitude in tracking it down will be rewarded when you sink your incisors into the perfectly browned biscuit cuddling a scrambled egg with applewood bacon and oozing white cheddar cheese. We’d join in the clamoring, but our mouths are full.

Parkers Waffles: Ham & Gruyère Scramble ($6)

Sweet or savory? It’s an agonizing breakfast-time decision that often leaves the grown-up part of our brain arguing for eggs while our inner 10-year-old begs for pancakes. Indulge them both with Parkers’ ham and gruyère scramble: two eggs, black forest ham, grilled onions and mushrooms, and gruyère all folded cozily inside a crisp waffle. Consider it finger food for grown-ups; just remember that grown-ups use napkins, not pant legs.

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