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Your child is a passport to small-plate bargains.

Edited by Rachel Ritchie and Karen Brooks By Kelly Clarke February 22, 2013

Boke Bowl’s Bambino Bowl is just the right size.

Boke Bowl

The Central Eastside’s hip noodle bar packs in parents and their ramen-slurping offspring, dinosaur-topped training chopsticks clenched in their chubby fists. The Bambino Bowl, brimming with aromatic broth and pulled pork, is two-thirds the size of an adult order but barely more than half the price. $6


What goes best with this brunch haven’s gut-busting Scotch eggs? Crayons, a slice of bacon, a perfectly scrambled egg, and toast. Or a buttermilk pancake the size of your tot’s head. $1–2  

Russell Street Bar-B-Que

Sample your little one’s trio of wee-size sides (like sweet-saucy beans or mild stewed greens) or meaty pork ribs with fries at this laid-back, pig-centric Southern joint. Best of all? Free Wet-Naps mean easy cleanup. $5–5.50  


At this farm-focused Italian dining room, sippy cups mingle with a full bar. Alternate mouthfuls of your hearty entrée with your tyke’s floppy-good wood-fired pizza or grilled chicken with fresh greens and spuds. Kids get free juice and ice cream with a meal, too. $6.50–7  


No sitter? No problem. This inventive spot gracefully accepts adventurous little eaters, offering a startlingly rich bowl of noodles or rice with slurp-worthy broth and your choice of chicken, veggies, or a flawlessly poached egg. $1 + $1–2 per topping  

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