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Clyde Common’s tempura-fried veal brains

Clyde Common

Offal-loving chef Chris DiMinno transforms unmentionable meats into refined plates du jour: empty your mind and try the tempura-fried veal brains with crispy potato terrine and apple butter, topped with a sunny-side-up quail egg and sherry vinaigrette. $12

Blue Star Donuts

A wallop of fried brioche dough cloaked in Bulleit Kentucky bourbon, organic blueberries, and fresh basil at this “donut shop for grown-ups” is a delicious expression of Portland-style creativity. $2.50

Mee-Sen Thai Eatery

Don’t call yourself a true Stumptown foodie until you’ve crunched through a plate of Thai-style fried grasshoppers, or tak ka tan tod, at Mee-Sen. With a uniquely addictive flavor reminiscent of soft-shell crab, this happy hour option often sells out—so get there early. $5

Ned Ludd

For his decadent pork-skin noodles, chef Jason French took inspiration from San Francisco porcine prince Chris Costentino. Think rich, chewy strands, tossed with chanterelles, bacon, tomato, and fresh Parmesan. $14

PBJ’s Grilled

Leave it to a food cart to reinvent a lunchbox classic. Where else can you find a spicy Thai peanut butter sandwich featuring Sriracha, curry, orange marmalade, and basil leaves on sliced challah? $5.75   

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