A Full Week of Portland-Area Farmers Markets

Because not every day is Saturday, we’ve compiled a handy hypothetical planner for enjoying local market bounty seven days a week.

By Benjamin Tepler September 2, 2014 Published in the September 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

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Image: Allison Jones

The Saturday Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University is a thing of beauty. The butcher, the baker, even the liquor store: it’s all here in hyperlocal Technicolor—but it's not the only game in town! Here's a full week's worth of markets to fill your local larder:

Monday: You’ve been tasked with baking a peach pie for a potluck. Head to Baird Family Orchards at the Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market for your stone fruit. While you’re there, grab a bacon, raspberry jam, and arugula bagel at Tastebud. 

Tuesday: Your locavore significant other demands stinging nettles and lemon balm for his pesto. Stop by the Lloyd Farmers Market and hunt down the foraging experts at Nature’s Wild Harvest.

Wednesday: Your nutritionist prescribes more probiotics. At the Shemanski Park Market, discover the fermented paradise of OlyKraut. Then forget your nutritionist just long enough to snag a BLT with local Picklopolis pickles and a fried egg from Bingo Sandwiches.

Thursday: An out-of-town friend has heard all about Portland’s urban winery/distillery scene, and wants to get a taste for herself. Drop by the new Mississippi Farmers Market for a sample of libations from Southeast Wine Collective, House Spirits, and Stone Barn Brandyworks. 

Friday: It’s been a rough cleanse, and you’re prematurely out of fresh-pressed, grade-A vegetable juice. Head to the Kenton Farmers Market and chug a bottle of “Wondrous Punch” from Greenleaf Juicing Company. 

Saturday: Baby is hungry—and she eats only organic, farm-fresh baby food. Swing by the St. Johns Farmers Market to find “Farm to Bib” Zoey’s Eats. During your brief respite from minding the wee one, wolf down a falafel from ChickPeaDX. 

Sunday: You’ve decided to tackle homemade gravlax. Head to the Woodstock Farmers Market and hook some of the chinook salmon haul at Flying Fish Company—with stops at the Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels booth, Winters Farm for jam and vegetables, and Lovejoy Coffee Company for fresh-roasted beans.

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