Damn Good Pie at Scottie’s Pizza Parlor on SE Division

A fresh pizzaiolo is making a name for himself with new-school pies and hand-pulled mozzarella.

By Benjamin Tepler September 8, 2015

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Scottie's Pizza Bianca. Image courtesy Scottie Rivera. 

Scottie Rivera, a Brooklyn native, firmly believes that there should be a good slice shop on every street corner of every city. Rivera, who did his formative pizza training at places like Handsome Pizza, Ava Genes, and East Glisan Pizza Lounge, is starting with Southeast Division street, in the former Spielman’s Bagel space. His sour, thin-crust, New York-sized offerings are some of the best new options in town, with real corner shop prices—$15 for a plain pie! 

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Scottie Rivera. Photo courtesy Chris Randall. 

Scottie’s brand is equal parts Neapolitan (cooked to a poofy-rimmed, leopard-spotted crisp in a 900-degree Swedish electric deck oven), New York (18-inch pies, big slices, foldable, crunchy dough), and Portland (everything local, from scratch, with sourdough starters and house made ricotta and mozzarella.)

The old-school red linoleum and white tile parlor holds only five pies and one special. On a recent visit, Rivera was slinging a “Nacho Mamma” special, drizzled with green chile tomatillo sauce, egg yolk, cilantro, and Olympia Provisions chorizo. So far, the slice to get is the minimalist pizza Bianca, an all-white pie made with fresh, creamy ricotta, fried basil leaves, and drizzled with olive oil. It might not satisfy Neapolitan die-hards or nostalgic New York expats, but it’s a damn good pie.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor
2128 SE Division St
Tues-Sun, 11am-9pm

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