Oregon's DeNoble Farms Keeps its Organic Vegetable Secrets in the Family

How the farmers market favorite turned a hobby flower farm into a full-family business inspiring chefs around Portland.

By Allison Jones October 19, 2015 Published in the November 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

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DeNoble Farms

Tillamook, Oregon

The phrase “family farm” is tossed around a lot, but DeNoble takes the concept to its zenith. Tom and Patreece DeNoble (Patreece pictured at right) began their coastal operation as a hobby calla lily farm in the ’90s, but quickly discovered Tillamook’s cool climate and fertile soil—the legacy of generations of dairy farmers and their cows—offered peak conditions for the tender purple artichokes and host of other year-round goods that have made them a favorite of chefs around the state. “Something about that sea air makes their veggies so special,” gushes Bar Avignon chef Eric Joppie. “And they are hands down the best game in town for artichokes.” Now, their rainbow of carrots, head-size cabbages, purple cauliflower, and sweet Italian peppers can be found at a half-dozen weekly farmers markets. The couple and their two grown children, Lexi, 22, and Chandler, 20, staff their stall—a feat given that the DeNobles also plant, raise, and harvest their own crops in the early, mist-shrouded hours. The family who farms together, stays together.

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