Bon Appetit, Portland

So Long, and Thanks for All the Food

Eat Beat’s departing editor looks back at a decade of heavy eating.

By Benjamin Tepler May 28, 2020

Image: Michael Novak

Well, here we are, Eat Beat fans: my very last post for the blog and magazine. A tremendous thanks to our many readers, new and old. Without you, there is no Eat Beat, no Portland Monthly, and certainly no food scene. Your fanatical food worship is the lifeblood of this city’s restaurants and bars. God knows it’s going to need your mouths, opinions, and patronage when the face masks finally come off.

Although my job title has changed over the years—most of my time was spent editing the print magazine’s eat and drink section, our outdoors coverage, and narrative features—Eat Beat has been a consistent side-hustle for a solid decade of my life and roughly 1,340 articles. Here’s a quick spin through some of the highlights: 

Bernstein's Bagels

Image: Michael Novak

A decade of eating and tracking my way through the scene has left me with one big takeaway: Portland truly is special. I'm originally from New York, where the multicultural influences are rich and the pockets are deep. But neither New York, nor San Francisco, nor Chicago has the DIY gumption and scrappy, bootstrapping spirit of our city. Going into a post-COVID era, I think that's worth remembering. 

That’s it from me. Eat like hell, Portland!

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