Portland's 10 Hottest Healthy Dishes of 2015

Welcome to flavor country, where locals are taking guilt-free nosh to a whole new level.

By Rachel Ritchie and Tuck Woodstock July 13, 2015 Published in the Health Annual: Summer 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

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Clockwise from top left: Ground Breaker's fish tacos; Blossoming Lotus's bibimbap; Prasad's Utopian Dream Pasta; Harvest at the Bindery's smoked trumpet sandwich

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1. The Sudra’s Apple-Carrot Payasam 

This imaginative take on Indian pudding swaps out milk, ghee, and vermicelli for coconut cream and veggies. Roasted apples, plump raisins, and shredded carrots simmer in a heavenly blend of warm spices before getting a blanket of comforting oat-nut crumble. $5

2. Blossoming Lotus’s Bibimbap 

Truffled grilled portobellos, meaty peanut soy curls, vinegary house-pickled veggies, steamed broccoli, and garlic carrot slaw fan around a sesame-sprinkled, hot sauce–dolloped mountain of nutty brown rice in this vegan version of the Korean classic. $11


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3. Pollo Norte’s Rotisserie Chicken

This charming, Mexico City–style neighborhood chicken shack lavishes each juicy, sustainably raised bird with earthy achiote, sea salt, lime, and chile, and packs it up with house-made corn tortillas, veggies, and smoky rojo and bright verde salsas. Bonus: leftovers are fantastic. $18 (whole)

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4. Ya Hala’s Artichoke Hearts

Tender artichoke hearts are braised, sautéed, and delicately stuffed with a vibrant mélange of carrots, potatoes, onions, and squash in this flavorful Lebanese specialty, served in a cast-iron skillet with fresh tomato onion sauce and a bowl of fragrant basmati rice. $14.95

 5. Harvest at the Bindery’s Smoked Trumpet Sandwich

Marinated trumpet mushrooms masquerade as pulled pork in this meatless masterpiece. Inspired by his Texas childhood, chef Sean Sigmon dusts the savory mushrooms in pine-smoked black tea and smoked applewood salt, then slathers them with sherry barbecue sauce and layers them on a Little T seeded hoagie loaded with crunchy kale slaw and house-made miso aioli. $12

0715 pretzel dog adcypy

6. Kyra’s Bake Shop’s Pretzel Dog

Lake Oswego’s fave gluten-free bakery serves a pilgrimage-worthy hot dog: an Applegate Farms no-nitrates wiener, lovingly swaddled with gluten-free pretzel dough, then boiled, baked, and showered with sea salt. $5.50

7. Ground Breaker’s Fish Tacos

With nary a speck of wheat in sight, Ground Breaker’s gastropub is a dream for the gluten-averse among us. Pair your chestnut-fueled IPA with the super-fresh fish tacos: petrale sole in masa tortillas topped with crema, queso fresco, lime, house hot sauce, and cilantro. $11

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8. Pixie Retreat Raw’r’s L’il Puddin’

Good things come in small packages at raw-food refuge Pixie Retreat, where plant-based puddings enjoy a cult following. Organic coconut and cashew are blended with exotic superfoods like lucuma, mesquite, and maca to create creamy cups of nutrient-dense nirvana, with deluxe rotating specials—raspberry almond butter to Peppermint Pixie chocolate mint chip—and classics like Vanilla Kreem with Salted Karmal. $7

9. Prasad’s Utopian Dream Pasta

Pad Thai goes raw in this peanut-free pasta: thin ribbons of crunchy carrots, green papaya, and collard greens provide all the fork-twirling fun of noodles, while a rich almond-butter sauce leaves you satisfied. Dustings of chopped almonds, fresh herbs, and black sesame seeds add dreamy finishing touches. $11

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10. Juniper’s Samosa Bowl

This Indian-inspired plate of veggie-based comfort nourishes with warm mounds of curried, samosa-style potatoes, spiced lentil dal, and summery zucchini-carrot slaw topped with rich cucumber-cilantro-coconut raita. The cozy bowl is topped with fresh fruit chutney popping with the sweet tang of local nectarines. $9

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