Cannabis: Strain Picks

The Best Cannabis Strains for Any Occasion

Partying? Adventuring? Sleeping? Budtenders at top Portland dispensaries steer the way.

By Eleanor Van Buren January 30, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

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Image: Michael Novak

Baffled by strain names? More worried about effects than terpenes? We asked budtenders at nine top Portland dispensaries for some situational shopping lists. (Prices vary by grower and dispensary, but expect to pay $10 to $15 a gram.) 


  • Purple Punch by Eugreen Organics
  • Dog Walker by Sofresh
  • Triangle Larry by Resin Ranchers
  • Purple Hindu Kush by Applegate River Roots
  • 9lb. Hammer by Scissortail Farms


  • Strawberry Cough by Pr-uf Cultivar
  • TJ’s Durban Poison by TJ’s Gardens
  • San Fernando Valley OG by Eco Firma Farms
  • Espresso by Liontree Farms
  • Green Ribbon by High Valley Organics


  • Super Silver Blue Magoo by Yerba Buena
  • Sour Banana Sherbet by Fox Hollow Flora
  • Dream Lotus by Grizzly Farms
  • Goji OG by Gnome Grown
  • Lemon Betty by Resin Ranchers


  • Astral Works by Pr-uf Cultivar
  • Critical Mass by Green Dragon
  • Lite Me Up by Bull Run Craft Cannabis
  • Frank’s Gift by Vita Organics
  • Mountain Girl by Pilot Farm


  • Mt Hood Magic by Resin Ranchers
  • Bettie Page by Oregon Roots
  • Golden Pineapple by Lucky Lion
  • Metal Malawi by Liontree Farms
  • Tangie by Grizzly Farms
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