The Last Days of My Left Breast

I’m a stripper, rocker, bartender, and writer. I had a lot of plans last year, but none of them involved breast cancer. The disease sidetracked my livelihood, threatened my life, and forced me to reinvent my chest. So far, I’ve lived to to tell the tale.

04/15/2013 By Viva Las Vegas

Beer Bulletin

Oktober Already?

Beer and brats on tap

09/09/2010 By Caterina Purves

Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Accanto

Civilized eats and atmosphere at Accanto

08/06/2010 By Caterina Purves

What to Do

Tiki Weekend!

Try a Polynesian Potpourri

08/05/2010 By Caterina Purves

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

Must Do: Become a Fan

Become a fan of Portland's home teams, from mainstream sports to more alternative arenas. Learn how to enlist in the Timbers Army from Shawn Levy, or let Beth Burns burden you with a cyclocross addiction. Best yet, become a derby devotee by following Judg

07/15/2010 By Karen Brooks

Clothes Minded

Catwalk in the Clouds

"Up in the Air" fashion event soars

07/14/2010 By Caterina Purves

Beer Bulletin

Home Brouhaha

Beer and wine hobbyists advised to stay home

07/13/2010 By Caterina Purves

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Date Night

Sightseeing, sushi, and cinema

07/08/2010 By Caterina Purves


A Dog's Life?

30 years ago, dogs were outdoor-only pets. They guarded the house, played with the kids, and dozed in the doggie house. Now facing a strong trend of sociological humanization in the US, man's best friend has taken on an anthropomorphized role in our lives

06/10/2010 By Linda Baker


The New Frontier

NoPo's up-and-coming hip neighborhood, St. Johns, still struggles against its dirty, rough-and-tumble roots. Kind of like Portland's rowdy kid brother, St. Johns strives to legitimize itself, but drugs, crime, and poverty continue to hold it back.

06/10/2010 By Randy Gragg

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Small World

Looking for a stress reliever? Try bonsai. Bonsai are intentionally stunted trees that have long been popular in Japan: the upkeep of these trees is considered an ancient art. But the beauty, small size, and ease of upkeep have made bonsai popular the wor

05/27/2010 By Alyce Legasse

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week

Linger over libations at Bartini

05/27/2010 By Caterina Purves

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Tooling Around

Owning your own tools and knowing how to use them allows you to live more independently. If you're currently tool-less, but interested in becoming a tool connoisseur (if only so that you don't have to wait for your handyman to be free, and then also have

05/27/2010 By Ryan Baldoz


The Pearl District Trendsetter

*Yeah, we’re stereotyping a little. Roll with it.

05/19/2009 By Jill Spitznass