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The Face of Cannabis Innovation

Prūf Cultivar

Presented by Prūf Cultivar February 11, 2019

Proprietary software called Prūf OS, uploads yield, flower potency, terpene profile and cannabinoid level data to a central database with the goal of consistently growing the highest quality marijuana in the world.

Director of Production Science Jeremy Plumb and Director of Operations Todd Saucy work together to oversee a skilled team at Prūf’s “Clean Green” site – the closest to organic certification cannabis can get.

“Our facility has 16 different customizable grow rooms that allow us to give each cultivar the specific environmental conditions they need for optimum flower development” explains Plumb.

The company is in tune with how phytochemistry correlates to effect as well as they are with customer’s needs. Assessing the role it can play in peoples’ day-to-day lives drives the future.

Still, growing cannabis is a very hands-on process. “We are constantly studying our results and making calculated adjustments to produce the best flower in the industry,” says Saucy. “It’s a privilege to work on the edge of innovation and technology in cannabis.”.

Prūf Cultivar

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