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The Face of Dermatology

Oregon Dermatology and Research Center

Presented by Oregon Dermatology and Research Center February 11, 2019

For almost 30 years, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Phoebe Rich and the Oregon Dermatology & Research Center have been providing high-quality care to patients through their medical clinic and research center.

Their research arm, Oregon Dermatology and Research Center, conducts clinical trials to help people with disabling skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema return to a healthy life. “We thrive on the opportunity to provide exceptional care and cutting-edge treatments to patients at no cost to the patient,” Rich says. “The improvements we see in our patients’ overall well-being drives our research team to excel.”

To qualify, patients must meet inclusion criteria, including specific disease severity, and be in general good health. Patients’ safety is insured by routine lab monitoring and exams. Enrolled patients receive free medication and compensation for time and travel.

“Our mission is to provide patients with exceptional care and education about their disease, ensuring a positive future beyond participation in a trial,” says Teri Paris, research manager.

In the medical clinic, Phoebe Rich Dermatology, four board-certified providers care for patients from across the Pacific Northwest, treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, nail problems, skin cancer, and more. “We all enjoy making a difference and seeing our patients regain health.”

Oregon Dermatology and Research Center
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