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The Face of Dentistry

Blodgett Dental Care

Presented by Blodgett Dental Care February 11, 2019

The team at Blodgett Dental Care understands that dental medicine and optimal oral health are the keys to achieving total wellness. Science has proven that infections in the mouth cause diseases elsewhere in the body. The holistic training of the BDC team uniquely positions them to be able to help you get healthy and start loving going to the dentist!

Not only is Blodgett Dental Care a pioneering practice through their holistic and integrative approach, but they are leaders in the realm of advanced dental technologies. Drs. Kelly Blodgett and Bryan Neish are certified providers of numerous progressive techniques such as dental laser therapies, regenerative periodontal care, ozone applications, single-visit crowns, safe mercury and root canal removal, and ceramic implants. But don’t let their accolades fool you. Drs. Neish and Blodgett are incredibly approachable and down to earth people. The dozens of reviews they have received repeat the same story: “These are great dentists who listen, care and respect the goals of their patients!”

If your health journey is at a standstill or you are concerned about potential oral health issues, but your current dentist says, “It’s nothing to worry about”, consider trying a different approach with experts who see outside of the traditional dental box. Come to Blodgett Dental Care and start loving your dentist today!

522 SE Belmont St, Ste A | Portland, OR 97214 | blodgettdentalcare.com | 503.285.3620