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The Face of Revolutionized Logistics


Presented by Rynly February 11, 2019

It’s a philosophy that’s quintessential Portland - the small taking on the mighty, banding together to create new ideas. Out of this ethos rose Rynly, a logistics startup for the people, by the people.

Their services utilize crowd-sourced drivers to offer a cheaper and quicker shipping option other than goliaths UPS and FedEx. Early success in the Pacific Northwest means clients are buying in, from small businesses to corporations, and the list is growing.

“We continue to expand our roles with new and existing customers by not only delivering single packages, but also helping businesses with wholesale supply chains and larger logistical challenges,” says marketing Coordinator Jonny Perez.

Customers can expect stress free delivery thanks to the company’s personal approach, which starts with the sharp minds behind the company.

Operations manager Ashley Dyer oversees interface and driver app development, while handling day-to-day details (and raising a one-year-old daughter) with aplomb. Samuel Caramelli handles driver orientations and administrative duties, and Perez’s expanded role involves business development. Executive leadership brings diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, technology and sales to the table.

Each is a proud Oregonian and dedicated to fulfilling shipping needs anyway they can. Readers can use promo code SHYP45 in Portland and DLVRY45 in Seattle for free shipping on their first package .

2505 SE 11TH AVE | SUITE 105 | PORTLAND, OR, 97202