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The Face of Strategy

Coraggio Group

Presented by Coraggio Group February 11, 2019

Making business changes isn’t always easy, and oftentimes, the larger the company is, the harder it becomes. That’s where consulting firm Coraggio Group thrives, offering strategic guidance, transition management, leadership development, process improvement, and perhaps most importantly, an outside perspective.

“You have to come in and get them to think in ways they haven’t thought before,” says Founder Trever Cartwright. “They need the breakthrough and the creative way to make it happen.”

It boils down to having the courage to say what needs to be said. Together, Cartwright and co-partner Michelle Janke lead a bold team that is adept at helping clients fulfill their potential.

Organizations from Adidas to Portland State University and Travel Oregon have experienced those benefits first hand. “Several years ago we started hearing things like, ‘wow we hired you for strategy; we had no idea we were going to become better leaders as a result’,” Janke says.

Since 2005, Coraggio has taken their innovative approach nationwide, more recently distilling their methods in a white paper report called “All In: Why the Best Leaders Involve Key Stakeholders in Strategy Development”. It represents assurance that your investment in strategic planning will actually be successfully implemented when working with Coraggio – an invaluable notion.

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