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Dr. Andrea P. Cook

President of Warner Pacific University

Presented by Warner Pacific University April 18, 2019

Now entering her 11th year as Warner Pacific University’s president, Dr. Andrea P. Cook has made enormous strides in creating an inclusive environment and offering students affordable tuition.

“I am incredibly proud of the fact that Warner Pacific is Oregon’s most diverse university, where 63% of our students are from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds and 57% of our students are the first in their families to go to college,” she says. “In 2018, we took an unprecedented step and reduced our tuition by nearly 24% in an effort to provide equitable access to private higher education. With an annual tuition of $18,000, Warner Pacific is now the most affordable private college or university in Oregon.”

With many students balancing work, family and other responsibilities, Cook sees the need for educational institutions to become more nimble to meet students’ needs. With new programs and partnerships in the public and private sector, Warner Pacific provides many opportunities to do just that.

A new initiative, sourceU offers degrees in Cybersecurity, Digital Product Design and Web and Mobile Development. “The next decade will see the creation of more than a million new developer jobs,” says Cook. “The tech industry in the Portland Metro Area is growing dramatically and demand for tech workers is strong across all industries.”

Exploring options like stackable degrees and alternative credentialing, Warner Pacific is breaking educational boundaries and fueling the workforce of tomorrow. “Colleges and universities must recognize that aspects of our systems, practices, and attitudes around education were not created to provide equal access to every student,” Cook says. “I believe that learning in a diverse environment teaches us how to enter conversations from a place of curiosity and collaboration rather than fear and competition.”