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Cambia Health Solutions

Presented by Cambia Health Solutions April 18, 2019

Cambia Igniter Teams; Cambia PitchWELL and Innovation Force Advisors and Coaches

At Cambia Health Solutions, the best and brightest minds in health care can be found throughout the organization, and PitchWELL takes full advantage of this valuable resource.

In its inaugural year, the collaboration between the company’s Innovation Force (IF) and Women’s Employee Leadership Lab (WELL) offers women a platform for advanced idea development and professional mentoring, reinforcing a culture of diversity, inclusion and creativity. In three stages, “Igniters” generate ideas, with the four best continuing on to gain coaching and refinement from volunteers and senior staff. Ultimately, final products and next steps will be pitched before a panel.

The program’s support for revolutionary thinking is palpable. “I have been surprised in a very positive way by the diversity of resources and expertise offered to us and our other Igniters – from coaches who are senior leaders in the company that have an interest in our idea, to past Igniters who can share tips and tricks learned in their own journey, to consumer researchers and data analysts who provide information to validate our solutions,” says Director of Brand Communications Leslie Constans, one of several Igniters selected to pitch a solution to health care in Cambia’s PitchWELL 2019 event.

“Often, the ideas that move us forward on our journey to create a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system, come from our colleagues who spend their time with the people we serve,” says WELL Chair Taraneh Fultz. “The family, friends and neighbors who turn to our solutions to help manage their health.”

At Cambia, 88% of employees say they’re encouraged to think outside the box, with over 30% of employees engaging in the innovation program and events like PitchWELL by submitting, voting, commenting and pitching ideas to address real health care problems with tangible solutions.