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Vanessa Sturgeon

TMT Development, President and CEO

Presented by TMT Development April 18, 2019

This is a Portland story about family and community. When Vanessa Sturgeon was still in college, she joined her grandfather in the family business, TMT Development. Thanks to Thomas Moyer’s early trust in his granddaughter, Sturgeon has built upon the family legacy and reached new heights leading one of the West Coast’s top developers of Class A office towers and retail space. As president and CEO, she oversees more than six and a half million square feet of real estate. “There is nothing average about a day in property management,” she says. “When you wake up in the morning, you never know what’s going to happen.”

With iconic Portland landmarks like Fox Tower and Park Avenue West, TMT Development delivers top-notch commercial projects – while setting the standard for tenant satisfaction.

For Sturgeon and her TMT team, dedication to service and building a better community through philanthropy and education is a daily devotion. In 2018, that dedication led to Sturgeon Development Partners opening an Opportunity Zone Fund. The fund is part of an exciting new economic stimulus package designed to unlock capital and boost development in areas that need it most.

Diversity of service, perspectives, and people is also something Sturgeon champions. She has served on boards with many organizations, including New Avenues for Youth, Knight Cancer Council, and the Portland Business Alliance, where she advocates for living-wage jobs and equity. Always the optimist, Sturgeon knows doing the right thing is good for people and good for business. “I think it’s undeniable, and research supports the fact, that diverse teams with a wide spectrum of age, ethnicity, gender and religion make for better business.”

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