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Stephanie Plymale

President & CEO of Heritage School of Interior Design

Presented by Heritage School of Interior Design April 18, 2019

As a young child living in her mother’s station wagon, Stephanie Plymale was walking along a beach with her sister when she encountered a school bus. Remodeled into a living space, complete with a kitchen, sitting area and curtains, her youthful amazement of its charm sparked a creative drive that stuck with her forever.

“My passion for design really derives from lack of home, and the passion to create one.” That sentiment took her from building model houses to running a successful independent design firm for 18 years. But in 2014, Plymale was looking for a new challenge. She found it at Heritage School of Interior Design - where she first took design classes - by taking over ownership with a fresh plan of action.

“Being a designer requires having the confidence to sell your designs,” says Plymale. “That’s why our methodology teaches presentation skills in addition to design and technical fundamentals.” Hands-on and intensive, the program is designed to be completed in three to nine months, and students forge valuable connections in the community during field trips. “Every Thursday, they’re at showrooms, manufacturers, getting tours, being taught by the masters of the trade.”

From Portland, Heritage has expanded to Denver and Seattle, with multiple new sites in the works. Plymale is also collaborating on her first book, a memoir about her life in the foster care system and her quest for home. “I find when people are living in a space that they love, they’re incredibly inspired to go home every day. Having a beautifully curated home that you’re proud of is life changing.”