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The Face of Building and Remodeling

Eduard Valik, Founder and CEO of iBuildPdx Company LLC

Presented by IBuildPDX February 10, 2020

Serving clients from Vancouver, WA, to Yamhill County, OR, and the Portland Metro Area in between, general contractor Ed Valik and his company iBuildPdx are known for excellence in building modern and complex architecture. That reputation sits on a concrete foundation of collaborative relationships, where communication, meticulous planning and execution are practiced tools of the trade. “We’re here because we’re really good at what we do, but it’s also that additional value we provide: the client connection and a very hands-on experience of building their own house or remodeling their home,” says Valik.

The extraordinary is where iBuildPdx excels. Whether you have a project with difficult terrain, such as infill lots or steep hillsides, or an ultramodern renovation replete with steel and glass, the team’s expertise will help you accomplish your vision within the timeline and budget. With an Associate Degree in Structural and Architectural Technology earned in Zlin, Czech Republic, Valik settled in Portland in 1992. His extensive background and can-do attitude make him a valuable partner when constructing custom homes, remodels, additions and commercial projects, in contemporary or traditional styles.

“Before starting every project, I ask myself; what are the potential challenges; what are the pitfalls; how do we navigate, execute and resolve complications all to minimize unnecessary delays and costs?” says Valik. “We’ve done some pretty cool things. I’m very passionate about what I do, and a lot of people…they recognize that.”


iBuildPdx Company LLC

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